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divine_opinion's Journal

theorizing the bible
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Theories about the bible and the books that where not included.


Picture this... The world as we know it. All religions combined with mother nature and father time. Not any specific religion or system. this is the way it may be intended.

Great prophets/psychics wrote the bible supposedly based on this gift being given by god. What of Nostradamus? Also having predicted several events though not praising god for his gift. What if he had? Would he also be considered a prophet?

Science can explain the 10 plagues of Egypt. Even more proof that god and nature may be one in the same. Everything in nature, including energy and even the rotation of the planets is circular and much like a ripple. Do different dimensions work the same way?

Everything on earth is recycled. Bodies go back into the earth, water evaporates and comes back down as rain... Do our souls also recycle? Is reincarnation a possibility.

Is hell actually earth? The bible speaks of lakes of fire but doesn't actually name a hell. The devil was cast down to us... Are we in hell living over and over again until we are not necessarily free of sin but aware of it? If we have Divine knowledge does that mean we can go to heaven... If there is indeed one?

Being human according to almost all religions we can not be free of sin, only do our best to be good. If we are good people, and do not judge, and give of our selves and are not miserly. Does that make us good in the eyes of what people call god?

Maybe god is simply a name... A concept created by confused people searching for answers to questions that shouldn't be answered. Why should we questions why we are here? When, even if we find out, it isn't going to change anything only make us aware of our fate and if we found out... Would we even want to still exist?