A Psalmist (duxrow) wrote in divine_opinion,
A Psalmist

Is the USA a Christian nation?

Barak Hussein apparently doesn't think so, and the way morality has gone down the drain seems to prove him right.
Nobody cares anymore? Is that what the 2yr lapse indicates?
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Who's Barak Hussein?!?
Surname is Obama

and so we've become an obomination. The OT doesn't use any surnames altho Isa44:5 speaks of them. Jesus himself surnamed several disciples.
A female today gets a new surname when she marries (Hillary Rodham an exception?) and the truth of how God is a Husband as well as a Father ought to be considered. Isa54:5
Well, the land mass wasn't originally Christian and the Christians did a pretty thorough job of torturing and converting the Native Americans to that faith sadly. Still, we are a nation under God but we allow for a variety of faths...

...and for whatever reason Christianity remains on top.

Obama didn't do anything to harm that status quo.
Torturing and converting, you say? Aren't we speaking of two different groups of people? I could get into condemnation about this, but the Indians (Papago, Yaqui, apache) that I've spent time with were serious about the God of the Bible.

2. Yes, I agree about Christianity leading the pack -- but they'd better watch out because the Arabs are getting visa's.
And 'somebody' is trying to avoid tagging our money with "In God We Trust. (What does it matter as long as folks don't know what god they're speaking of?)

3. I think Obama is very sincere -- just hope he isn't sincerely wrong.
that I've spent time with
Well, I'm talking a few hundred years before either of us were born.

better watch out because the Arabs are getting visa's
...so? Arabs have had visa's a long time already. Just cuz there are Arabian terrorists doesn't mean that all Arabs are bad.
Descendants of Ishmael, I understand.
And you're right -- there are bad apples in every bushel -- it's not just a figure of speech.