A Psalmist (duxrow) wrote in divine_opinion,
A Psalmist

Is AMERICA the "Far Country"?

It hadn't even been discovered yet--Columbus and Leif Ericson hadn't been born, so it was far-off in time as well as far-away in distance. But now we see the history of this nation established on Biblical principles, that has been such an influence on all nations of the planet; wouldn't it be a worthwhile notion to consider?
We don't see it overtly in Scripture, but in retrospect it's the 66 books of the Bible that has been the catalyst for the many blessings in these United States, and wherever the message of Faith has taken root. It's only NOW that we see the times are jelling with the warnings of Peter and Timothy. and many conclude we're in "The Third Day" spoken of by Jesus (when 1,000 yrs.= 1 day).
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